RIYL: Hearing loss

Label: Torn Clean

Over the last several months Sleigh Bells have been slowly feeding us a sampling of songs from their upcoming album Jessica Rabbit, first with “Champions of Restricted Beauty” back in December then “Rule Number One” and “Hyper Dark” after that. Their follow-up to 2013’s Bitter Rivals is set to release on Nov. 11 as the inaugural release on the band’s own label, Torn Clean. But today we get a new song, new video, and a limited vinyl pre-order all at once! Check out “It’s Just Us Now” below and pick up the red marbled vinyl while you’re at it.

Bonus: it looks like “Champions of Restricted Beauty” didn’t make the final cut but it’s included with the red Special Edition vinyl as a one-sided 7″ (along with a poster signed by Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss).

The Details


Includes exclusive blood red vinyl, "Champions of Unrestricted Beauty" 7-inch, limited edition print signed by the band, cover and gatefold original artwork by Brian Montuori.

The Special Edition version is limited to 1000 copies.

Sleigh Bells wasted no time after getting off the ground in 2009, releasing three blistering records in four years. Ready for a break from the road, they took their time on their fourth LP, Jessica Rabbit, writing and finishing the record several times only to realize that they wanted to push themselves and the music further. As the three years elapsed, Derek went looking for the abyss, found it, and crawled out in one piece. Alexis, for her part, found something like heaven in nature and healthy living. The result of their combined experiences is an intense and vulnerable record that's highly evolved and completely uncategorizable, a major statement from a band wholly committed to advancing their dynamic, uncompromising vision. Jessica Rabbit is the first release on the band's own record label, Torn Clean, in partnership with Sinderlyn Records.

Price $25

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