With the recent stampede of Sub Pop reissues from Sleater-Kinney’s back catalogue, there was something in the air…a low-humming buzz, a faint yet hopeful expectation that there was still gas left in the group’s tank.

HUZZAH!  This morning, that anticipation was met full-force with Bury Our Friends, the first new piece of awesome from the band in a decade.  The single doesn’t sound like reunion schtick, either.  It’s the sound of a band firing on all cylinders.  Carrie Brownstein’s crunchy guitar loop is savory enough for any riff addict, Janet Weiss swings a heavy backbeat, and Corin Tucker’s chemistry with the two is undeniable.

$33 gets you the white wax, the extra 12”, a 2-sides poster and 12 new songs from our favorite trio of Pacific Northwest riot grrls.

The Details

All customers who pre-order the limited-edition Deluxe LP version of No Cities to Love will receive the album on white, 180-gram vinyl. This Deluxe Edition also contains a 2-sided poster and a bonus 180-gram white vinyl 12” with two exclusive tracks on one side and an etching on the other.
All of which is housed in a very cool slipcase with its own exclusive cover art. The single LP will be on black vinyl. Customers who pre-order No Cities to Love in any format will also receive an instant download of the album’s first single, “Bury Our Friends.”

Price $33

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