It’s cold here in Austin, Texas. ¬†Most folks don’t venture outdoors this time of year in fear of hypothermia, frostbite or, God forbid, chapped lips. ¬†Not the four lads from Shivery Shakes. ¬†They’re down at the lake wearing nothing but banana hammocks, racing¬†their groupies in waverunners and speedboats. ¬†Ya see, summer is a state of mind. ¬†Pneumonia be damned.

Shimmery hooks and beach side harmonies¬†await you. ¬†There isn’t a bad vibe in sight, the beer is cold and the breeze is mild. ¬†Take off your shoes and stay a while. ¬†The only downside to¬†Three Waves and a Snake is that the 10 tracks eventually end. ¬†Facts of life, man. ¬†Unlike a summer romance, though, you never have to say goodbye. ¬†Just flip that record over and start it all again.

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The Details

The debut LP from Austin surf rockers Shivery Shakes.

Co-released with Austin Town Hall Records

Limited run of 500
Translucent vinyl
Pre-order only - vinyl will be sent out at the end of November.

Thanks to Dave Sideserf for giving me your copy. I love you. <3 Thanks for the tip![/alert]

Price $15

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