I’m not a huge fan of cover versions and normally don’t buy them. But with Shearwater i’ll make an exception. I’m especially curious about the Coldplay cover. To be honest Coldplay are one of my most “hated” indie bands. They’re everywhere and every song sounds the same… yes yes, you’re right, Shearwater have a lot of pathos as well, and i understand that they’re not everyone’s business. But if you haven’t heard of this band, listen to this old song “rooks” below.

The Band wrote about Fellow Travelers:

“On November 26, 2013, Sub Pop will release Fellow Travelers, our second full-length record for them, just in time for you to give it away to friends and loved ones. This is a very different record for us, as it’s composed almost entirely of holiday favorites songs by bands we’ve toured with over the years, re-imagined and renovated.  The result, I’m a little surprised to say, is my favorite Shearwater album so far.”


01 Our Only Sun (Jesca Hoop Cover)
02 I Luv the Valley OH!! (Xiu Xiu Cover)
03 Hurts Like Heaven (Coldplay Cover)
04 To Be of Use (Smog Cover)
05 Natural One (Folk Implosion Cover)
06 Ambiguity (David Thomas Broughton Cover)
07 Cheerleader (St. Vincent Cover)
08 Tomorrow (Clinic Cover)
09 A Wake for the Minotaur (Shearwater & Sharon Van Etten Cover)
10 Mary Is Mary (Wye Oak)
11 Fucked Up Life (The Baptist Generals)


The Details

If you pre-order Fellow Travelers from us here at Subpop.com, you will receive a bonus 7" with 2 tracks not on the record (more details will be forthcoming!)

Customers who pre-order the LP will receive the limited, colored-vinyl “Loser Edition” of the album.

Price $14

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