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The long wait for Sebadoh’s hiatus to end is now officially over. After the release of the recent 10″ EP, Secret, everybody was teased with a fertile anticipation for what was to come with a full-length on the horizon.

Today is the day! Finally, Sebadoh, having not surfaced with much work since roughly 1999, has put up the pre-order for their upcoming full length, Defend Yourself!! This album was recorded with the “DIY ethos” of their earlier days and with a band, fully reformed, having individually traversed an array of personal and professional changes over the past decade and a half.

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The Details

Defend Yourself

TRI-COLORED Vinyl + 7" + MP3 : $17.00
(tri-colored red, yellow, & blue vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, includes bonus 7" record, die-cut album jacket, & MP3 download. Available only to VIP MEMBERS)
Limited Edition Vinyl + 7" + MP3 : $17.00
(opaque red vinyl, limited to 2500 copies, includes bonus 7" record, die-cut album jacket & MP3 download.)
Vinyl + MP3 : $12.00
(black vinyl, includes die-cut album jacket & MP3 download)
CD + MP3 : $10.00
(includes die-cut album jacket & MP3 download)
Cassette + MP3 : $10.00
(red tape, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, includes MP3 download)
MP3 : $8.00
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Release Info
Catalog #: JNR120-vip
Release Date: 09/17/2013
Track List

I Will (3:57)
Love You Here (3:34)
Beat (4:13)
Defend yr Self (3:13)
Oxygen (3:22)
Once (2:55)
Inquiries (2:02)
State of Mine (3:44)
Final Days (4:23)
Can't Depend (4:23)
Let it Out (4:30)
Listen (3:38)
Separate (2:00)


Ending a substantial hiatus for the band, “Defend Yourself” is more of an organic reformation than a comeback album. In the words of Lou Barlow, “We were always going to make another record. There was never any point where we looked at each other and said, ‘That’s it. We’re done.’ We never actually quit at all-- we’ve been making music this whole time."

Barlow, Loewenstein, and D’Amico haven’t wasted their musical talent over the last several years (as evidenced by solo albums, Dinosaur Jr., Fiery Furnaces, Folk Implosion, etc.), however, the Sebadoh name hasn’t surfaced since 1999. Historically speaking, Sebadoh albums have paralleled momentous experiences in Barlow’s life-- and this recording is no different. “Defend Yourself” is saturated with songs of heartache relating to the divorce from his wife and partner of 25 years. According to Barlow, “Your greatest victories and your most crushing defeats have a tendency to give birth to one other."

The new album also marks a return to the self-recorded DIY ethos of early Sebadoh albums ("Sebadoh III", "Bakesale," etc.). A handful of sour experiences with major labels led Sebadoh to self-record and self-produce their new album. "We did 'Defend Yourself' the only way it could have been done: on the cheap and all by ourselves," Barlow states. Though this is hardly the band’s first experience with home recording, technological advances beyond the 4-track cassette have allowed “Defend Yourself” to easily rank among Sebadoh's most sonically-engaging albums to date.

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