So if it feels like déjà vu everytime you see the words Gold Robot Records it probably has something to do with the phenomenal music they’ve got in their arsenal. Kinda hard NOT to come across them over and over again!

With this post comes an artist by the name of Todd Webb (aka Seamonster) whom I feel is very much worth mentioning to you fine readers! Yet another artist who deserves NOT to fall into obscurity! Ethereal indie rock here, yet folky and with easy pop melodies that’re catchy as hell. I’m not sure about you guys. But I am now a fan.

“So you’re not on a train after all, you’re on a boat (or on a spaceship, or in a submarine, or in Neverland?!) traveling well into the unknown, but it’s pretty cool either way. Welcome aboard the Seamonster.”
Gold Flake Paint

The Details

Format: 12" Easter Yellow Vinyl
Run: 250
Design: Warren Craghead
Release Date: September 11, 2012

As 2011 came to an end, and 2012 began, Todd Webb (aka Seamonster) wrote and recorded eleven songs. Together, these eleven songs make up a record he decided to call Baldessari. The album is named after John Baldessari, an artist whose creative appropriation of discarded materials to make new and interesting art was a huge inspiration to the process of making this particular group of songs.

Price $13

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