Indie rock band Screaming Females embody the indie band ideals completely.  They book shows and release albums on their own without the help of label support.   Their sound it a bit Dead Weather, a bit 70s acid rock… but all intensity.  I have had the pleasure to see them live at Nelsonville Music Festival in 2013 and was dumbfounded by the amount of energy and the wall of sound created by only 3 people.  Their first record, Baby Teeth is being re-released on vinyl by Don Giovanni Records in a white and a blue variant, so take your pick!

The Details

Debut album from Screaming Females, self recorded by the band and originally only available from them at shows.

*In order to make use of jackets that were going to have to be discarded, as well as please some fans that have been asking us to make color versions of some of our records, we are doing one time pressings of Baby Teeth in the following colors:

White Vinyl - 300 copies
Clear Blue vinyl - 500 copies

**Colored copies are a pre-order which will ship sometime in March when they are finished

Price $16.99

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