RIYL: coffee shop records, warm hugs

Label: Soul Step Records

From Soul Step Records:

Our very first release was Scattered Trees. The entire idea behind Soul Step Records was to get incredible music out on vinyl, and to support independent artists on their journey.  I had followed Scattered Trees for many years, and when the idea for Soul Step Records came, I knew it was Scattered Trees that I wanted to come out of the gates with. 

Fast forward years later, and many releases under our belt. It made sense when we we coming up on SSR-030 that there was still music from Scattered Trees that was desperately needed on vinyl. Now we partner again with Scattered Trees to release their debut LP, “Song For My Grandfather” on vinyl for the first time. 

Initially released in 2006, this album stands the test of time, and dropping the needle on the record will transport you to the first time you may have heard these songs. These songs got me through my first Chicago winter. It’s a folk masterpiece. Whether you have our other Scattered Trees LP, “Sympathy” or if you are discovering them for the first time, I am so humbled to present to you this album, as it should be, on vinyl. 

-Melvin Dillon

The Details

SSR-030 // Limited 100 Chocolate BROWN VINYL!
Subscriber Release: May 19th
General Public Release: May 21st.

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Price $20

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