I’ve been listening to a ton of indie from the early 2000s lately. Essentially college radio from when I was actually in college. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia or not, but the music is still amazing every time I hear it. Bands like early Arcade Fire, The Long Winters, early Death Cab for Cutie, and The Shins. I say this as Sad Baby Wolf is actually formed by two previous members of The Shins. While listening to this album I feel I get much of the goodness I love about that early 2000s indie as if this were created back then. A fact of which I’m happy about. Musically it’s upbeat and driving with singable melodies weaving through a fuzzy microphone.

Personally I hear quite a bit of The Long Winters in it, and really enjoy that about the album. What do you guys hear? Any real strong Shins tendencies to you?

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[Former Shins members Marty Crandall and Neal Langford]

Price $20

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