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Fantastically fun indie pop record. Winter hasn’t hit yet so keep these sunny jams alive!
This release has already sold out on the bands site but there seems to be a few copies scattered about on other vendors so snag it up if you want it.

The Details

"DID I MAKE YOU MEAN, OR WERE YOU ALWAYS THAT WAY?" Sun Machine documents the dissolution of the 11-year relationship of Rubblebucket's principle agents Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth, and their compulsion to continue writing and recording together despite their romantic fallout ("conscious uncoupling"). The pair have been disarmingly open about their struggles - both individual and together as a couple - and the songs on Sun Machine are bursting at the seams with the emotional exhaustion brought on by getting sober, a bout with cancer and the shifting phases (and eventual unraveling) of their relationship. But don't take that as any indication that Sun Machine isn't loads of fun, because it is. Rubblebucket utilize a carefully-curated palette of crunchy drums, horns and synthesizer arpeggios to sculpt "a party album rooted in radical mindfulness," and Traver's voice is the cherry on top. Highlights include: "Fruity," "Lemonade," "Donna," "What Life Is" and "Annihilation Song." Indie-exclusive yellow vinyl edition includes a 'scent modification device' (citrus-scented car air freshener) and printed inner sleeve.

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