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Really cool indie band here with an obvious propensity for ridiculous live recording sessions. They remind me quite a bit of Telekinesis, driving bedroom pop with beautiful infectious melodies.

This record is a crazy good deal, limited to 75 & with the exclusive deal they gave us the record is only $10. Seriously, time to get on this one.

The Details

Limited Edition Release of "Spillway" by Royal Forest.
Two different variants, both 180 Gram Vinyl.
Comes With Printed Inner Sleeve w/ Lyrics
& Digital Download as well.

- 75 Coke Bottle Clear
- 75 Standard Black

1. Everyone Who Knows You
2. John Denver
4. Black Hills
5. Broken Bow
6. Castro
7. Almost Done
8. Near The Spillway
9. On The Sun
10. Man-Made Lakes

Price $15

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