The 90s.  It’s not just a decade…It’s a genre of music.  “90s” in recent years has become so broad in definition, it’s replaced “indie”, the last decade’s vague vogue keyword of choice.

While these inevitable classifications can prove quite cumbersome to groups like Roomrunner, those crunchy bass lines and twinkling guitar jangles from tracks like Chrono Trigger will inevitably bring several bands from that decade to our minds.  Anyone remember No Knife?  While these motifs may wake the fading memories of your years in the early 2000s, this music is far from dated.  It’s simply a cultural imprint that still echoes in our ears, and it’s a powerful one.

For $11, you can own a piece of that resonating culture.


The Details

Pre order comes with limited poster, and pin

Limited clear red w/ black swirls vinyl.


Price $11

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