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I have been constantly surprised by Ra Ra Riot. I didn’t expect to like their last release and then I loved it. I really enjoy this first single “Water” so I’m guessing it’ll be another solid album, probably won’t change your life, but hey it’s solid jams.

Excited to see this video for “Water” was directed by a childhood friend of mine Josh Goleman. Good work buddy!

The Details

Album Release Date 02-19-2016

All songs produced by Ryan Hadlock, except for Water and I Need Your Light, which were produced by Rostam Batmanglij.

Vinyl is a limited edition pressing on translucent Teal.

1. Water
2. Absolutely
3. Foreign Lovers
4. I Need Your Light
5. Bad Times
6. Call Me Out
7. Instant Breakup
8. Every Time I'm Ready To Hug
9. Bouncy Castle
10. Suckers

Price $17

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