Hey, Purity Ring. ¬†Long time no see, guys. ¬†We’ve missed you. ¬†More often than not, debut albums are the sounds of a band trying to figure out their unique voice, but 2012’s Shrines¬†was fully realized from day one. ¬†Megan James and Corin Roddick, a mere duo, flipped our eardrums upside down with their unique blend of succulent¬†synth melodies and hip hop beats.

Newest single begin again shows the group continuing down the lush production¬†route, throwing a hefty supply of reverb into their mix. ¬†Those¬†hip hop-flavored¬†high hats and backbeats still set the foundation, splashing and echoing into Megan James’ sultry intonations. ¬†All the while, skyscraping pianos punch through those thick layers of synthesizers. ¬†Purity Ring is known for their ability to create a sparse atmosphere, but when they give it everything, the feeling is immense. ¬†It’s that polar atmosphere that makes the duo so easy to throw¬†on repeat. ¬†They know when to hold it back, but they’re pros at knowing the perfect time to release the f-ing kraken.

4AD has some limited wax waiting for you after the ‘buy’ link. ¬†Mmmm delicious¬†white vinyl. ¬†Check out that new single below if you need some convincing.

The Details

LP includes download coupon, pre-orders on white vinyl (while supplies last).

Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick - aka Purity Ring - will return with a second album entitled 'Another Eternity’ on March 3rd.

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