RIYL: A mix between Ride and The Velvet Underground

Label: Slumberland Records (US) / Tough Love Records (UK)

If Ride decided to shy away from their shoegazing Creation Records brethren¬†and began listening to Velvet Underground records, they probably would have sounded a bit like London 4-piece Proper Ornaments. ¬†You’ve got dreamy, hazy vocal harmonies floating over¬†swaying rock and roll riffage with a heroin chic. ¬†Their fourth release, Foxhole, shows the band expanding their sound even further out. ¬†Tracks like Cremated (Blown Away) have krautrock-inspired rhythms while songs like Memories take stabs at piano-led balladry. ¬†This has the potential to be my favorite Proper Ornaments album to date! ¬†I love bands that evolve with every release.

The translucent blue copies, limited to only 250, can be purchased from Tough Love Records over in the UK HERE. ¬†Those copies also come with an additional 7″ of two secret tracks. ¬†If you’d rather buy your copy stateside, then follow the ‘buy’ link to Slumberland Records’ store page.

The Details

All LP copies are on red+white vinyl and include a code for a free download.

Tough Love:
Translucent blue vinyl with a secret 2-track 7". Only 250 copies. Comes with download code.

Price $14

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