One of my teachers in high school had a black board that he never wrote on.  He had simply written “K.I.S.S.” in big bold letters across the board.  It stayed that way all year.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The gang from The Arcade Fire obviously doesn’t live by that philosophy, embarking on 4 month pre-album shenanigans with grandiose fanfare and hoopla.  That’s all well and good.  I’m not knocking ambitious concept albums and the like…but…there is something really wonderful about hearing a great batch of songs from a band you’ve never heard.  No flare, no gimmicks…

I’ll bet “90s” gets thrown around when describing the group, and while that’s a horrible pigeonhole, there are elements of that 90s purity…those lazy afternoon Pavement-ish chord progressions, the Thurston Moore and Kim Deal-esque vocals, the heart-on-sleeve lyrics (“We will do everything we dreamt about someday”), the straight-forward indie approach…guitars, drums, a garage…

I love this stuff, and thankfully, bands like Posse aren’t just a 90s thing.   $10 for a record, however, is a throwback to the 90s that i can live with.

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"If you are like me, there are times when you lay awake at night, hopeless with fear. You realize that you are probably stupid, probably a fool, probably have no real self control. You hold an arm to your forehead, wet with sweat, and christen the bed with your tears.

Soft Opening was written and recorded for these moments. But it was not made to provide you assistance or advice; it was made only so you could look over and realize that if you are doomed to suffer dumbly, you at least don’t have to suffer dumbly alone."

- Elston Graystone 2/7/14

Price $10

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