RIYL: The Killers, HAIM

Label: Soul Step Records

Carson and Michael Poncé are identical twins who have been playing music together their whole lives, so it was only a matter of time before they committed some of their tunes to wax.  Cincinnati’s Soul Step Records, purveyors of rare vinyl eye candy, stepped in to make the dream happen.

A-Side Surrender To The Night trickles in with glistening synths and guitar riffs fit for any John Hughes soundtrack but meaty enough for the smoky rock clubs.  This is the track for that explosive cinematic moment when the chess nerd and the head cheerleader figure out that they belong together and share a kiss under the bleachers. B-side’s Elevator reveals the twins’ Midwestern roots, similar to The Killers’ transition to arena-ready Springsteen rompers on Sam’s Town.  Check out both tracks below.

Only 100 of these babies were released on ‘neon lights’ pink vinyl, and they’re guaranteed to doll up your turntable with each use.  Soul Step vinyl typically moves fast, so skip on over to their online store before they be gone forever.

The Details

SSR-019 - Neon Lights Pink Vinyl!
Limited Pressing of 100!

Price $8

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