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Label: USM

As sad as it is to say, I originally heard about Placebo due to the wonderful program “The O.C.” (please, don’t judge!) when they played a Placebo cover of “Running Up That Hill”. I liked the style so much that I immediately bought their newest album – Meds. That album, with all of it’s drug-fueled lyrics and the trademark high nasal voice, really oscilates between some heavy, heady lyrics and the more playful ones all while not losing the trademark Placebo style. It really sticks out in my mind as something that will live by itself in a date and time; one of those “I know where I was when…” moments. That being said, the album holds up pretty well, and is definitely worth another listen, and maybe even a purchase!

The Details

Product code : 4743235
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : USM

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Side A
1. Meds
2. Infra-Red
3. Drag
4. Space Monkey
5. Follow The Cops Back Home
6. Post Blue
7. Because I Want You

Side B
1. Blind
2. Pierrot The Clown
3. Broken Promise
4. One Of A Kind
5. In The Cold Light Of Morning
6. Song To Say Goodbyeds

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