I wrote about Pile’s latest single Special Snowflakes / Mama’s Lipstick back in January and it would appear that there are still copies available and it’s still in the pre-order stage! Click this or the last sentence to go get the scoop on that. It would appear that they altered the name slightly since I’ve written that up… anyhow, you’re here for Dripping. This came out back in 2012 but lucky for you, there are still copies left to get your hands on and they’re rather affordable for the meek price of $10. I’m surprised Sly didn’t already write about this! Boston’s Pile has developed a cult following of sorts up in New England and to those they’ve reached, they seem to have charmed. There’s no tricks or gimmicks the band uses to win people over – it’s just good old fashioned intense guitar riffs, expert percussion, bass lines and rambunctious vocal work courtesy of Rick Maguire. Check out the Bandcamp stream of Dripping below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released 23 October 2012
recorded and mixed by dan and james at the sex dungeon in july of 2012. mastered by richard marr at galaxy park studios in august. all artwork by courtney allen. bass by matt connery. guitar by matt becker. other guitar and vocals by rick maguire. drums by kris kuss. released by dan goldin and dave spak on exploding in sound records.

Price $10

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