RIYL: Menomena, The National, Sufjan Stevens

Label: Joyful Noise

Yay! If you love Menomena or The National, then the Pfarmers super group is for you!

Limited Edition
500 Hand-Numbered Pink Vinyl LP
Letterpressed Jackets

Our Puram was written as Danny Seim relocated from Portland, OR to the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY. Wanting to make the album conceptually about Oregon, where he’d spent most of his life, he chose to focus on the Rajneeshpuram community that he’d learned about as a child. As an adult, he recognized the tragic nature of their story and found himself relating to its members on a whole new level, and he began to write from the point of view of a Rajneeshee leaving the compound.

It wasn’t until the album was finished — and Seim was 2500 miles away from the Pacific Northwest — that he realized he’d subconsciously written about his own exodus from his homeland.

— Joyful Noise

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