RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, Idles, B Boys

Label: Rough Trade / Newbury Comics

Parquet Courts had a pretty damn big year in 2018.¬† Six years prior, their stoned-out instaclassic Light Up Gold threw them into the¬†indie collective consciousness, but Wide Awake!¬†launched them¬†to into Clear Channel radio playlists, the Ellen Show and beyond.¬† With Danger Mouse on the buttons, Parquet Courts tightened up their slacker punk vibe and¬†coated a dance floor sheen into the cracks.¬† The evolution was resoundingly successful, one of the few rock albums of the past few years that became a crossover hit.¬† Still, nothing about Wide Awake! feels compromised.¬†¬†This is a jagged piece of post punk brilliance, both brash and easily listenable,¬†an instabuy for anyone into¬†Gang of Four’s Entertainment! or The Rapture’s Echoes.

Besides the ‘deluxe edition’ from Rough Trade, there hasn’t been a super limited edish for this one yet.¬† Newbury Records is solving that problem today with a blue vinyl colorway limited to only 500 copies.¬† I doubt this one will be available for long, so if you never picked this one up when it came out, now’s the perfect time.




The Details

Number of discs: 1
Limited edition of: 500 Blue
Label: Rough Trade
Release Date: 04/26/2019

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Price $27.99

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