RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, Idles, B Boys

Label: Rough Trade / Newbury Comics

Parquet Courts had a pretty damn big year in 2018.  Six years prior, their stoned-out instaclassic Light Up Gold threw them into the indie collective consciousness, but Wide Awake! launched them to into Clear Channel radio playlists, the Ellen Show and beyond.  With Danger Mouse on the buttons, Parquet Courts tightened up their slacker punk vibe and coated a dance floor sheen into the cracks.  The evolution was resoundingly successful, one of the few rock albums of the past few years that became a crossover hit.  Still, nothing about Wide Awake! feels compromised.  This is a jagged piece of post punk brilliance, both brash and easily listenable, an instabuy for anyone into Gang of Four’s Entertainment! or The Rapture’s Echoes.

Besides the ‘deluxe edition’ from Rough Trade, there hasn’t been a super limited edish for this one yet.  Newbury Records is solving that problem today with a blue vinyl colorway limited to only 500 copies.  I doubt this one will be available for long, so if you never picked this one up when it came out, now’s the perfect time.




The Details

Number of discs: 1
Limited edition of: 500 Blue
Label: Rough Trade
Release Date: 04/26/2019

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Price $27.99

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