I loved the last album from Painted Palms. It sat nicely between psych haze and indie electro. Their new one is coming out via polyvinyl and from the first single it seems to be going a bit further away from the psych sound and owning the indie rock / electro sound. Though all this coming from just hearing one song, so it could be all different on the full length.

The album is limited to 300 and the early bird costs the same as the regular, so might as well grab one and see where it takes ya.

The Details

Painted Palms' second full-length album, Horizons, exudes a sense of confidence and purpose that is only present when two creators share a singular focus and absolute trust in each other’s talents.

On Horizons, emotional states are suspended between light and dark, driven by the tension of efficient song structures. From the first ominous harmonies of lead single “Refractor,” it’s clear that Painted Palms’ panoramic pop sound has never been more fully realized.

Though vocalist Chris Prudhomme and producer Reese Donohue chose to collaborate on their second full-length by sending song ideas back and forth over e-mail, just as they did when crafting their 2014 debut Forever, Horizons marks the first time the duo has expanded their sound beyond the bedroom by stepping into the studio.

Mixed by former DFA house engineer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Classixx), Horizons engages with a diverse sonic palette on each track: ‘60s psych-pop, ‘80s…

Price $17

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