Pacific Pride only has two releases: a limited cassette tape split with School Knights called Fred Durst Sex Tape (an amazing title) and what we have here today, Vamping In The Key of Niche. On this thing, the trio craft good (relatively) old-fashioned indie rock tunes reviving elements of the noisy lo-fi 90s pioneering acts with plenty of jamming and raucous two-minute numbers with elements of punk. Aside from the “Yankee Soda” stream I’ve linked below via YouTube, there aren’t any other songs available to preview outside of going on to iTunes and looking this EP up. “Yankee Soda” echoes a Pavement influence strongly. If that sounds like it’s up your alley, check that and the rest out and see what you think of this release. Cheers!

The Details

Pac Pride returns with 5 glorious new jams. Inhaling everything 90's out comes a jagged cloud of refreshing garage-esque tunes that remind us of the first time we heard "Crooked Rain."

7 inch EP limited to 300 copies

Price $7

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