Finally back in print! The pre-“Neon Golden” album “Shrink” by The Notwist, out via Outer Battery Records in mid February. This album consists of a perfect blend of post-/indierock with electronics, and presented something completely new when it came out back in -98. Odd fact; listening to it today it still sounds as fresh as anything, really! Quality, do check it out.

The awesome Dark Blue & Splatter Vinyl is limited to 300 copies (mailorder only), and this one is bound to sell out in no-time! There’s also a standard Black Vinyl available if you’re reading this too late

Notwist Shrink


The Details

Finally back in print for the first time in a dozen years, it's the Notwist's classic "Shrink" LP. Originally pressed in 1998, Shrink was the record that set the template for their groundbreaking "Neon Golden" LP. To quote Pitchfork:

Shrink was a huge step into the world of electronic music and sounded almost completely unlike anything else made at the time, I don't have any problems saying now that the record was ahead of its time.

With copies of the original trading for upwards of $100 we decided that it was time to get this classic release back in print. We pressed 300 copies on a super cool dark blue and black splatter vinyl, don't miss your chance to grab one!

This is a pre-order, the records will ship the second week of February!

Price $18.98

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