I will admit. My first discovery of MDVY was through Pandora about a year ago. It’s one of those situations where you’re easing off to sleep, with the music playing, while your mind runs across the world exploring the ease of it’s relaxation – then MDVY came on – I immediately sat up to verify who in the world was making this music. It had to be saved for future listening.

This is a simple example of the impact this band’s music will have. What makes this band so irresistible is it’s sense of exploration. Just as my mind was exploring down into the depths of it’s subconscious – a beautiful song wakes it to a new found wonderment. Within the realm of ‘post-rock’ and all that gets placed underneath it’s genre-type, this album is simply a refreshing experience – it’s an indie-rock, guitar-driven effort with a comforting, fun ambiance (almost soundscape-esque, at times) and a song that even diverts to the electronic and the sampled – it’s this freedom that so entrancing. The way this band melts together is something that keeps any one member from being the reason that Little Symphonies is so phenomenally great. This album is fun, it’s catchy, it’s emotional,  it’s free to adventure. Beautifully and adventurously so, it’s a damn solid piece of work.

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