RIYL: armistices, odd souls, vitals, changes

Label: Wojtek Records

This one isn’t exactly an up-to-date announcement, but the New Orleans indietronic 4-piece known as Mutemath sorta quietly released their 6th studio album since their critically-acclaimed debut album Mutemath dropped in the mid-aughts.  2017’s Play Dead was released shortly after their insanely talented drummer Darren King decided to leave the band, a pretty devastating blow to their sound and attitude as a whole, but Play Dead still sounds like a Mutemath album, full of fuzzy guitar leads, off-kilter synth effects and jazzy math rock-inspired chord changes and rhythms.

No quantity has been mentioned for the orange vinyl, but it’s still available almost 3 weeks after the album release, so I’d imagine there are a few thousand at least.  Check out the album below and get yourself some orange wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Limited Edition Play Dead Double LP on Opaque Orange Vinyl. Delivered in a die-cut sleeve.
Please note, digital downloads are not available to customers outside of the U.S.

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Price $30

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