RIYL: John Hughes soundtracks

Label: Soul Step Records

Moonbeau knows nostalgia.  It’s futile to fight your programming.  Each time your heart flutters when that familiar synth tone hits your ear and turns it into delicious dopamine, that wasn’t an accident.  It was a meticulously calculated decision when Christian Gough tinkered away in the studio on his brand new self-titled album.  Like the New Orders, Spandau Ballets and Simple Minds before him, Moonbeau writes for the dreamers, yearners and romantics with precise orchestral maneuvers, perfectly-timed drum hits, glittering keyboard riffs and conscientious guitar solos exported at the ideal compression rate.  It ain’t rocket science, but it’s damn near close.

The colored vinyl for this one sold out super quick, but black vinyl is still available (and going fast).  Grab a copy from Soul Step Records after the ‘buy’ link and get those John Hughes vibes into your Monday afternoons.




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Cotton Candy Vinyl - SOLD OUT!
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