Alongside the Urban Outfitters Exclusive for Sad Sappy Sucker comes an EP that I hold as a personal favorite. This album meanders back to those raw beginnings that are so reminiscent of some early days for me (and I’m sure many of you!) — some damn good days at that. For those who caught on to Modest Mouse later than others, I highly advise checking this one out. Hell, check out their entire back catalog!

Alright, enough jabbering… listen down below and go snag yourself a copy before these are gone again!

The Details

Modest Mouse - The Fruit That Ate Itself LP+MP3
Color: Mint

Product Sku: 33350448; Color Code: 102
Originally released in 1997, The Fruit That Ate Itself was modest Mouse's third release, produced by Calvin Johnson. Available here on 180 gram vinyl, this re-release serves to reacquaint fans with the band's leaner tracks - make no mistake, these are edgier approaches, sometimes spare but always intriguing. 2010, Glacial Pace Recordings.

1. [Untitled Track]
2. Waydown
3. [Untitled Track]
4. Dirty Fingernails
5. Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat
6. Fruit That Ate Itself
7. [Untitled Track]
8. Summer
9. Karma's Payment

Thanks to Adam Crabtree for the tip!

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