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Label: Suicide Squeeze Records

You’re probably wondering… “Who’s 764-Hero?!?! I see Modest Mouse… but 764-Hero?!?!” Well, for those of you who may not be as familiar with the formative years of Modest Mouse as with the acclaimed Modest Mouse we know today, this is from way back and damn near the beginning.

I’m sure most of you reading this are pretty familiar with Suicide Squeeze Records so we’ll start there. These fine folks are going through a 20 Year Anniversary and with that comes some LONG overdue represses!

In the mid-90’s, bands like Modest Mouse and 764 Hero were working hard. As the details below describe, there weren’t a lot of bands touring up toward Seattle and with that being the case these bands certainly took charge. Whenever You See Fit was that moment of coming together and for many Modest Mouse fans today it still remains hidden and unknown… until now!

This is the first pressing of this 12″ since 1998. Suicide Squeeze went with Half Blue/Half Yellow as the variant of choice and it’s now available for you to snag up!

The Details

Pre-order will ship on June 24, 2016

The mid-‘90s were an interesting time in Seattle. The city had just experienced its brief period in the rock n roll limelight, but it was still a lonely outpost in a largely ignored corner of the United States. Touring bands were reluctant to make the trek up from San Francisco, or across the mountains from Denver, or from across the Great Plains from Minneapolis. There were barely any all-ages venues to play in town. Bands like Modest Mouse and 764-Hero helped fill the rainy void with a relentless schedule of writing and playing out. That creative thirst and no-one’s-watching mentality prompted a lot of artistic exploration and experimentation, a phenomenon best captured on the collaborative single “Whenever You See Fit”. Marrying Modest Mouse’s jagged blowouts with 764-Hero’s pensive songwriting, the track slowly came together over the course of a tour together, with the bands taking the stage together nightly and dueling over a few fleshed out chords. The resulting 15-minute marriage of sparse pop and guitar sturm-and-drang perfectly captured the wistful artistry and punk turbulence of Northwest indie rock at the close of the century. As part of their 20th anniversary celebratory series, Suicide Squeeze is proud to offer a vinyl repress of “Whenever You See Fit” with updated artwork by esteemed designer Jesse LeDoux. The 12” single—also featuring remixes by DJ Dynamite D and Scientific American on side B—is limited to 1000 copies on half blue and half yellow wax, includes a download coupon, and will be the first time the record has been available on colored vinyl.

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