Nick Zanca, the mind behind Mister Lies, lists the genre of his music as ‘G H O S T’ on his facebook page.  Don’t think too deep about this one, but it makes sense on a certain level.  Deepend, first track from his upcoming 12” Shadow, drifts in and out of the frame, echoing down the halls of your eardrums like a wanderer with no destination.  A lonely piano and muted organ float and drift under the sparse foundation until midway through the piece as Zanca reaches for the stratosphere, hitting the high octaves and trading his organ for popping and bubbling synths…as if the ghost, for a fleeting few minutes, found life in the void.

For $20, an 8-song album may seem a tad on the high side, but look at all of the knick knacks and paddy wacks you’re getting along with the vinyl!  You’re getting a hand-written ‘thank you’ note, 2 stickers, a bag of tea (!!!), guava candy, a 4×6 print and a lyric sheet.  I can already hear your fearful cries…”But Dave, if I use the bag of tea, will that hurt the overall value of the record package?”  The answer is yes.  It will be worthless at that point and you should just send it to me.

The Details

Limited to 500 copies of black & royal vinyl pressed together into a single record.

Each order will come with:

• logo-stamped envelope with a hand-written 'thank you' note
• Orchid Tapes logo sticker
• logo-stamped oolong tea
• guava candy
• lyric / printed innersleeve jacket
• 4 x 6 photo print
• Mister Lies sticker

Thanks so much, everyone <3

Price $20

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