NOTE: For those of you who already own one of these from the previous pressings, this particular releaseĀ is completely remastered for the vinyl format by none other than Bernie Grundman. This guy has mastered some of the most landmark records to include: Carol King’s “Tapestry”, Steely Dan’s “Aja”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Prince’s “Purple Rain”, and Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”. If you’ve had a hard time finding this record (given that the previous pressings still go for a LOT), here’s your chance to own a truly paramount piece of mathy, indie rock work for a damn fair price!

AlongsideĀ They Make Beer Commercials Like This, is the highly sought after 2xLP —Ā Planet of Ice. This particular release has some powerful jams on it. Minus the Bear has always been known for their technical ability to create intricately accessible songs. I mean c’mon, these dudes have a group of musicians that can step it up to any level they could wish to venture. What I’ve always loved about these guys is their mathy, time signatureĀ strength. It’s full of complex change ups that crescendo and decrescendo all over the place creating a mood and an atmosphere that is unmistakably invigorating.Ā The ebb and flow that theyĀ put forth in just downright infectious.

It’s always hard toĀ pick an album from a band that stands tall enough to be considered a favorite. But man, I’m going to have to say that of any Minus the Bear record… own this one. Here’s why: it stands as an altogether perfect middle ground between all the sounds from early to current Minus the Bear. I think that throughout this entire record, we see a blueprint formulated long ago and detailing the future ahead. It’s the pivot point for all things truly significant about Minus the Bear as a band.

PS: Listen to this one loudly. It’s a beast.

The Details

Minus The Bear "Planet of Ice Purple Vinyl Edition Remaster/Reissue "

$24.98 180GRAM BLACK 2XLP
$24.98 PURPLE 2XLP

+ Pre-order will ship on September 30, 2014
+ First 500 pre-orders come with a folded 11x17" poster

Following the success of Highly Refined Pirates' forward-thinking guitar gymnastics and Menos El Oso's groundbreaking glitch rock, Seattle's premier pop revisionists Minus The Bear dug into some of rock music's most ostentatious years for inspiration for their 2007 album, Planet of Ice. While their earlier material found the band absorbing and repurposing the virtuosic dexterity of math rock, the airtight sonic manipulations of turn-of-the-century IDM, the drum and bass groove of contemporary R&B, and the cerebral pop foundations of Television and The Police, the band prepped for their third full-length by immersing themselves in prog legends, jazz rock mavericks, and other audiophile heroes of the '70s. The title alone conjures images of Yes's Relayer album art, and the influence of the elder statesmen's symphonic scope can be felt throughout Planet of Ice's lush and intricate arrangements. You can also hear the band channel the ominous instrumental interplay of Lamb-era Genesis on "Dr. L'Ling", the deceptively savvy musicianship and pristine production of Steely Dan on "White Mystery", and the tightrope walk between ethereal space and pre-metal riffage of Pink Floyd's "Echoes" on "Lotus". Not that Minus The Bear completely abandoned their earlier style--elements of Menos El Oso's sample-driven technique can be heard on the lead single "Knights". But the heart of the song ultimately belongs to the haunting Fripp-esque guitar lines spliced between verses. After being out of print on record since 2010, Suicide Squeeze is proud to reintroduce Planet of Ice's creative marriage of classic motifs and modern musical wizardry with a vinyl remaster courtesy of Bernie Grundman.

2xLP Gatefold jacket w/ printed inner sleeves. The 2xLP is available in a limited pressing of 3,000 copies (1k each) and includes a download card for MP3s. T-Shirt printed on American Apparel.

Price $24.98

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