NOTE: Clear w/ Green High Melt and Yellow Marble can be purchased via the Buy Now link below (Suicide Squeeze store). If you’d like to purchase the Clear vinyl, just click any part of what you just read (it’s at the Minus the Bear store)!!

Crazy to imagine 10 years having passed since this gem of a record came into my life. For whatever reason, this is one of those bands that’s just sorta stayed close at heart throughout all these years. I think I mentioned it in one of the 10+ Minus the Bear posts we’ve made here at Sly by now, but I can still remember wayyyy back when my Grandfather had to head up to Sacramento, CA and I was quick to ask “Can I go with?!?! Tower Records up there is the only place which has Highly Refined Pirates on CD!!” Menos El Oso was 3 years from being released and I was already hooked to what these guys were creating. But let’s focus on the reason you’re visiting this portion of our site… and that’s Menos El Oso!! I mean, we do have Pachuca Sunrise on this record which is the all-time most played track from the entire Minus the Bear discography, according to Spotify; not to mention, a real common choice for ending a set list live. Long story short, as popular as you may imagine this album must be… I’d still consider this one of the most underrated Minus the Bear albums. Most noticeably proven by the fact that the only pressings of this album have been on a solid black and a solid white vinyl. When you take a step back and realize that the rest of their discography has received the Crayon treatment?… that’s sayin’ somethin’!

Anyways! Scroll just a bit further south to get all the details as to why this particular pressing is one to snag if you haven’t already!

menos el oso 10

menos el oso blue

menos el oso yellow

menos el oso clear

The Details

To commemorate this landmark album, Suicide Squeeze is offering a 10-year anniversary vinyl edition of Menos el Oso. The LP is being repressed in a gatefold jacket with a matte finish and UV gloss. It includes a printed inner sleeve with expanded liner notes about the creation of the record provided by longtime friend of the band Brian Cook (Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes) and includes quotes and insights from the members themselves. The 10-year anniversary edition of Menos el Oso has a limited first pressing of three thousand copies (1k on clear vinyl with a green high melt, 1k on yellow marble, and 1k on clear). This is the first time the album is available on colored vinyl and the first time the LP has included a download card. The 10-year anniversary edition of Menos el Oso will be available worldwide from Suicide Squeeze Records on December 4, 2015.

Price $20.98

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