Minus The Bear is one of Seattle’s gems when it comes to indie/electronic/math rock. This is the second acoustic album that the band is releasing. The first has been sold out for some time and a much sought after piece of vinyl from their discography. The full electronic sets are solid, energetic, and full of fun. Cut down to a simple acoustic setup finds the band breathing new air into their newer tracks in the most refreshing of ways.

This album is available through PledgeMusic as a campaign for the album’s existence as well as a full scale tour that will involve an acoustic set alongside an electronic set; if I’m not mistaken, a first for the band!

Grab this album while you can and check out the other goodies also available through this fundraiser!!

Note: The only tracks that have been unveiled from this project are “Hooray” and “Steel And Blood,” I have added two additional tracks that were recently performed by the band in anticipation that they will also be available on this release.

The Details

Acoustics II
Minus the Bear releases unplugged and re-imagined classics with two new songs on new ten song LP.


We’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new album, the follow-up to Acoustics, appropriately titled Acoustics II. The process of deconstructing these songs inspired us so much we wrote a couple new ones for this release.

But before we put this out, we thought we’d try things a little different this time. We want to give you a special experience with this release.
Your pledge pre-orders the album.

Your pledge also unlocks some behind the scenes content and surprises, including one surprise that we’re really excited about. An instant download of the track “Hooray” is also included with every pledge.

Did we mention we’re also going on tour? We’ll be adding a special “acoustic mini set” to our fully electric rock shows this fall. Can’t wait for everyone to experience Acoustics II!

-- Minus the Bear

Price $40

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