Solid release after solid release, Jurassic Pop has been killing it lately. Now up are Minor Characters— a Chicago band that you’re definitely going to be hearing about later, so grab one of these super limited editions while you can.

Limited Edition of 50 on White Splatter

MC Vinyl White Splatter

Limited Edition of 250 on Clearwater Blue

MC Vinyl Clearwater Blue

The Details

A music scene is made from a large cast of bands, promoters, and fans. And while few musicians of a given scene go on to greater recognition, it's the supporting cast that makes a scene thrive. The members of Minor Characters have been slumming it out as the supporting musicians of Chicago's thriving indie rock / pop scene for years, and they're ready for their breakout role. In preparation for their forthcoming full-length, Jurassic Pop presents a deluxe reissue of their first two EPs: 2011's Minor Characters and 2013's Heal Me, Healing Times. The EPs represent a massive, thoughtful, and diverse output of songs clearly evolving over time. From heartbreaking ballads to high-fiving anthems and artful meditations, the songs bear the unmistakable mark of talent tempered by hard work behind the scenes. If these debuts are any indication, these Minor Characters will soon have their time in the spotlight.

Price $15

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