San Francisco’s dreamy indie-pop trio, Melted Toys EP entitled, “Washed & Dried” is among the top underrated releases in my book. “Washed & Dried” was actually released in 2011, and has been in stock for a while via Underwater Peoples, surviving the test of time. Melted Toys come from the same school as early Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, Diiv and Craft Spells, which can pretty much also be bundled up as the whole 80s post-punk revival wave whatever time period. Whatever it sounds nice and uncomplicated. They’ve got the whole constant drum machine, slightly overdriven bass, guitar embellished in reverb wrapped around dreamlike vocals vibe. The EP flows over smoothly leaving no room for drag.

They also released an LP in 2014 also on Underwater Peoples.

*Please note, I have contacted the label direct to find the pressing number and one edition of 500 is what was answered.


The Details

Melted Toys is Steven Harkins on guitar and vocals, Daniel Rosado on guitar, and Brian Wakefield on bass. The band plays lurid and mischievous pop music via synthetic tones and persistently inspiring guitar riffs. Their music intimates, intimidates, envelops and envigors; they’ve managed to bottle up San Francisco in their songs and we’d like to share it with you.

A1: Come On
A2: Wild Waves
A3: Washed & Dried
B1: Neuzone
B2: Lost Connection
B3: Preforms
B4: Portals


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