RIYL: Dr. Dog, Fruit Bats, Whitney, Kid Bloom

Label: Soul Step Records

Matt Duncan is releasing his 6th album with Soul Step Records call, ironically Free Music. Well, it’s not free; it’s $20, but it’s one catchy little album. Soul Step Subscribers were blessed with the opportunity to catch the Wax Mage Insanity version limited to 20 copies. I was there at 1pm EST when they released it and it was gone in 20 seconds. Crazy how that is. This is the main release, limited to 100 on aquamarine vinyl. Hopefully you are able to grab this before it flies away.

Soul Step Records is proud to announce SSR-043, our SIXTH release with Matt Duncan! One of the biggest requests that come from those who follow Soul Step Records and Matt Duncan was resoundingly, “Why isn’t Free Music on vinyl?”

The timing was just never right, until now. Matt created these songs during a summer creative blitz in 2015 and released them digitally online for free. Fans of Duncan continued to ask about a physical release, as some of his most loved tracks are from these sessions. Those who have been asking, your wait is almost over. Soul Step Records will release this on vinyl for the first time on Saturday, February 2nd.

This LP captures how varied Matt’s songwriting and arrangements have grown. You will get the 70’s AM Gold and Blue Eyed soul that you have come to love from Duncan, but you get to hear his electro-pop style come through on “Free Music.”

This LP contains one of his most well known tracks, a soulful cover of The Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.”


The Details

Soul Step Subscriber Sale: February 2nd.
General Pubic Sale: February 4th. 


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Price $20

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