Martin Courtney is one of the main voices of New Jersey’s indie rock frontrunners Real Estate. ¬†Now three albums deep¬†and riding a huge wave of success from 2014’s Atlas (one of SlyVinyl’s favorites from that year), Courtney is taking a short reprieve and venturing out into solo territory.

Many Moons¬†could easily pass for Real Estate album #4, packed with those familiar harmonies we’ve loved since Real Estate’s debut in 2009 and those finger-snapping Feelies-style acoustic meanderings. ¬†There’s a perfect 70’s AM radio vibe in these new tracks, at times yearning and hopeful like¬†George Harrison’s early solo work, and other times melancholy like Bread’s greatest ballads. ¬†It’s remarkable how well Real Estate can write music, and it’s evident in the many solo endeavors within the band. ¬†Many Moons is no exception.

Domino Records has 500 copies of the album¬†on coke-bottle clear wax, and I don’t imagine they’ll last long.

The Details

Limited edition of 500 coke bottle clear vinyl LP.

LP comes in a single LP jacket featuring an alternate cover and embossed MCIV logo designed by Robert Beatty. Includes a printed inner sleeve featuring album lyrics and a mp3 download card. (Note: color may vary slightly to the below image)

Thanks to Daniel Bloomfield for the tip!

Price $20

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