In college, and still I believe, I found that many times if Pitchfork HATED a record, then I should probably listen to it. Maritime was one of those bands, I started listening to them on their album “Glass Floor” which received a 3.2 on pitchfork and still stands as my favorite Maritime album.

Every new album from Maritime leaves me wondering if they’re still going to bring it, and they always do.

They’ve mentioned this as being a limited vinyl variant on their blog btw.

Take a listen!

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Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones Light Blue Vinyl LP
Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on 10/16/2015)
Instant Grat Download of the first single, "Satellite Love" (sent via email)

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Dan Didier and Davey von Bohlen have been playing music together for 20 years now. More than half of that time has been spent with Maritime, though between 2011’s gorgeously down-the-middle ‘Human Hearts’ and the thoughtful new ‘Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones’, they took a little trip down memory lane by briefly reuniting their old band, The Promise Ring.

With ‘Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones’ Maritime’s fifth album, the band feels younger than its years, and yet in full possession of its own hard-won wisdom and experience. It feels like a band with nothing to prove, but that’s going to prove it anyway

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