RIYL: Okkervil River, Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens

Label: Self-released

I’ve been a Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s fan for a long time and own nearly everything Richard Edwards has released under that moniker or his given name. This one is a must-buy for me!

The Details

When the pandemic quarantine began I’d been stuck in the house for a year on account of a flare up of my dreaded upper GI distress. Seeing everyone else get stuck inside was so depressing. Many friends and peers took to live streaming weekly or monthly home performances. As terrible as the time was, it was fun to see the creativity of artists and musicians who were forced to re-think their approach to making and distributing their work. So how did I spend the time?

Some friends and I made a few records. This one was a journey through the past. One of the things I miss about touring is how older songs can receive a fresh coat of paint every night. Me and my buddies thought it might be cool to imagine we were heading to a town for a one night only engagement. We’d perform some Margot songs in a manner that felt more or less true to the people we are now. No history. As if they’d never been done before. Far out. If you ever felt like getting dressed up and going out to see me and some friends play music during the lock-down I hope you will deeply dig. Tickets available now. Digital premiere some secret night in October. Deluxe vinyl premiere in mid November. I love this album and it’s as personal as anything I’ve ever made.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to Women For Afghan Women, an organization by and for Afghan Woman which is working to provide assistance to the vulnerable community right now.

Price $32.99

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