3 big bands here that many of you, I’m quite certain, are very familiar with!

From what I’ve found, it looks like this one actually has a pressing in the ballpark of about 2,300 pieces worldwide. The first track has Manchester Orchestra teaming up with Grouplove on “Make It To Me” while the second track has Manchester Orchestra teaming up with Frightened Rabbit on “Architect”.

The link below will send you over to the UK’s Banquet Records. These guys are solid on shipping and very cool people to bounce questions off of if you’re curious about something or in need of support. With that being said, this is a remaining stock from their physical store with a choice between a “US” and a “UK” version of the release. The only difference between the versions is where it was pressed (I confirmed this by contacting them directly). So if you want my opinion, snag that UK version (roughly $20 w/ shipping).

Both tracks can be found down below!!

The Details

UK 12"s are limited to 1 per customer
US 12"s are limited to 1 per customer

Now available online, one of our standout releases from this year's RSD.

Brilliant limited edition Record Store Day 12" that sees Manchester Orchestra collaborating with two other bands for an awesome release! This features Manchester Orchestra with Grouplove collaborating on Make It To Me and the Manchester Orchestra and Frightened Rabbit collaborating on Architect

Price $12

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