Don’t make any sudden movements.  Those two dames on the cover above there don’t look particularly friendly, and Makthaverskan’s newest single Witness follows suit with a drum cadence that sounds like a Viking war charge and a guitar scream that sounds like a tiger that’s gone without food for 3 days.

As aggressive as that sounds, Maja Milner descends upon the commotion like a siren, smothering the bloodshed with her hypnotic cull.  Just don’t agitate her, because her vocal chords are a lethal weapon.  The human ear can’t take much more than 140 dB, and at her peak octave, I’m guessing she’s around an eardrum-busting 170.  What a way to go out, though.

The Details

Limited green or transparent vinyl version of Witness 7"

shipping out on or around 03 March 2015

Price $6.89

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