Before¬†Mac Demarco¬†was known as Mace D to the world , he was Makeout Videotape¬†to the indie music world of¬†Vancouver, BC. After creating a slew of EPs, he was joined by his buddy¬†Alex Calder. The product of that duo was¬†Ying Yang, 13 lo-fi pop songs that feature a Mac with a lot less on the line. The songs are a bit more experimental than Mac’s newer stuff.¬†Ying Yang¬†features mantra-like songs, guitars that are compressed to hell, minimal production, but also vocals that ring through the ‘chaos’.

The record is coming out on an imprint called¬†Thursday/Friday, a company run by one of Mac’s friends. The dude’s name is Chaz (I think), and he has a bunch of tattoos and does a ton of cool different things.¬†Mike¬†Sniper¬†got himself involved with¬†T/F¬†as¬†Ying Yang¬†is distributed by Mike’s¬†Omnian Music Group.

If you haven’t heard¬†Makeout Videotape¬†before, you’re in for a treat. Stream that ish down below and pick up a limited copy (that will surely sell out) by hitting BUY NOW.

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