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This is one I’ve been waiting for for a long time, and it appears I’m not alone! Mae has finally released their three EPs from 2009 titled ‘(m)orning’, ‘(a)fternoon’, and ‘(e)vening.’ A beautiful reflection of the three times of the day, along with some really catchy songs that showcased a mellower, but more beautiful, version of Mae than they displayed on “Singularity” and one that made me fall in love with them all over again. I still listen to “The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)” every month to cheer me up. Get on it now, I have a feeling this’ll go real quick (real f***ing quick).

The Details

2008 was a difficult and pivotal year for MAE. After the release of Singularity, two members of the band left as we also parted ways with our record label. Figuring out the why and how to our future were real questions with undetermined answers. The love and passion to create music had never died but a resurrection was necessary as was a new beginning.

2009 became the year of redemption. Redefining success was a long but evident process as the focus became no longer on ticket sales and Soundscan numbers but on social impact, building community, and meeting people in need.

Every month during 2009 MAE released a new song exclusively through our website and used 100% of digital download proceeds to partner with charities, organizations, and people with various needs.

Eventually three EPs, (m)orning, (a)fternoon, and (e)vening materialized with these collections of songs plus previously unreleased material.

In some ways we always thought of these songs as one larger body of work and hoped to someday share that with our fans.

Today we bring you (m)(a)(e).

(m)(a)(e) is the remixed, remastered, and reimagined trilogy of EPs from our 2009 non-profit charitable campaign in a never before released 3xLP format.

To celebrate this release, we are making a limited edition triple 12 inch vinyl available for pre-order purchase along with an immediate download of the brand new (m)(a)(e). Only 300 copies of this variant will ever be made.

As the future became brighter and brighter for MAE during 2009, the need for rest also became apparent. Our season of rest is now over and the time has come for something brand new. We look forward to sharing our future with you!

Until then,

-Dave, Jacob & Zach


Track Listing
Good (M)orning
The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)
The House That Fire Built
Boomerang - Two Birds
A Melody, The Memory
Night Day
Over & Over
The Fight Song (Crash and Burn)
In Pieces
The Cure
Falling Into You
I Just Needed You To Know
My Favorite Dream
Sleep Well
Pressing Information
First pressing limited to 300 copies.

This is a pre-order. Vinyl will ship the week of March 1, 2017. All orders include an instant high quality download of (m)(a)(e).

Thanks to Liam Gladdy for the tip!

Price $49.99

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