Sebadoh. ¬†Dinosaur Jr. ¬†Folk Implosion. ¬†That’s pretty much all you need on your resume, Lou, but you’ve also helped create the supergroup Dumb Numbers, a lightning quick vinyl sellout for Joyful Noise Records and, for many, their first introduction to the now-flourishing label. ¬†Now, Mr. Lou Barlow is on his own, trying out a rawer, folkier vibe on his new solo record Brace the Wave.

There’s no point in explaining Lou Barlow any further, right? ¬†You’re either in or out at this point. ¬†If any of his previous bands¬†made your blood pump a bit faster and turned your adolescent frowns into half-smiles, then this one should be a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t a V.I.P. yet with Joyful Noise, you’ll need to add $5 to the $17 price tag. ¬†That will insure your membership for 1 month, and you’ll get the rarer pink and seafoam variant. ¬†Even cooler, 1 in 5 copies of the record will contain a original polaroid taken by Lou himself.

The Details

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on marbled pink & seafoam colored vinyl.
One in every five copies includes original Polaroid 'selfie' by Lou Barlow.

Price $17

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