Sebadoh.  Dinosaur Jr.  Folk Implosion.  That’s pretty much all you need on your resume, Lou, but you’ve also helped create the supergroup Dumb Numbers, a lightning quick vinyl sellout for Joyful Noise Records and, for many, their first introduction to the now-flourishing label.  Now, Mr. Lou Barlow is on his own, trying out a rawer, folkier vibe on his new solo record Brace the Wave.

There’s no point in explaining Lou Barlow any further, right?  You’re either in or out at this point.  If any of his previous bands made your blood pump a bit faster and turned your adolescent frowns into half-smiles, then this one should be a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t a V.I.P. yet with Joyful Noise, you’ll need to add $5 to the $17 price tag.  That will insure your membership for 1 month, and you’ll get the rarer pink and seafoam variant.  Even cooler, 1 in 5 copies of the record will contain a original polaroid taken by Lou himself.

The Details

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on marbled pink & seafoam colored vinyl.
One in every five copies includes original Polaroid 'selfie' by Lou Barlow.

Price $17

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