Loftus, a collaboration of members from late 90’s bands Red Red Meat, Rex and Tortoise, originally released this lo-fi collection of songs on CD back in 1998. Recorded at a truck stop, it definitely has an improvised and moody feel that’s hard to define. Give it a listen below and see if it might fit in to your late-night back-patio playlist this summer.

The Details

Featuring members of Rex, Califone, Red Red Meat, Tortoise and June of 44. Available on vinyl for the first time, the jackets are hand screened with little sandpaper jawbones glued to them. The limited edition vinyl comes in either clear or maroon, it's the luck of the draw.

loftus' self titled debut is a kaleidoscopic hootenanny of refracted blues, crumbling folk etchings, poltergeist percussion and low watt electronica --magnet

loftus is a slow lean sad giant tumbleweed of a rock band dragging you through some country f*** coming down party that feels nice in itself----your flesh

…songs effortlessly blend together; it's easy to get lost in this record. The blurry textures only make the distinct melodies sound more poignant and effective as they break through ---alternative press

Price $15

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