Les Stroud is a filmmaker, an outdoor adventurer, a singer-songwriter, and performer.

Best known as the award winning producer and star of the hit TV series Survivorman, Les Stroud is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone.

Les’s style runs an eclectic gambit, from art-folk-roots rock to contemporary art rock. He has written all the theme songs for his TV series and scored several independent films before the intensity of television producing took over.

He has won numerous regional music festivals, recorded three CDs (one in collaboration with the Northern Pikes) and is currently recording his fourth and fifth albums.

Pressing Info:
Limited Edition (Message sent asking for pressing number. Will update upon response.)
Autographed by the Survivorman himself.

– Look for the Pledge Exclusive titled “New Album on Vinyl LP (Signed)
– The price includes shipping and handling.
– 5% of all purchases going forward will be donated to Oceana.
– At last check there was just above 250 copies available. (I suspect the number pressed was in the 500 range)

Admittedly this one looks pretty pricey at first glance, but consider that shipping is included, the record comes signed, and 5% of your purchase cost is donated to charity. Not as bad sounding anymore…

The Details

As you probably know I have just released 16 brand new Survivorman shows and my new book called “Beyond Survivorman,” but what you might not know is that Iʼve also been doing a ton of songwriting and have an albumʼs worth of new material ready to record called Earth Music.

Instead of going the traditional route, I wanted to do something EXTRA SPECIAL this time around: I want to bring you aboard for the whole ride as we record, release and tour this new album everywhere we can worldwide!

By joining me on this entire experience via Pledge you will have exclusive access to all sorts of behind the scenes footage never seen before as well as a terrific array of swag and appearance opportunities.
A portion of the pledge campaign will also go direct to one of my favourite charities.
Let our journey towards a new album begin TOGETHER NOW!!

- Les

5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Oceana.


New Album on Vinyl LP (Signed) + AccessPass

$43 USD (approx.)
A limited edition run of the new album on vinyl signed be Les.

Price $43

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