Dark clouds are gathering and swirling above, a cold wind is blowing from the north and it hurts to breathe the air. ¬†That could only mean one thing…King Dude is back.

King Dude channels the dim lit s√©ance of Nick Cave, reaching into the depths of his gut to emit a croon so low and brooding, you’d think you were listening to the fallen one himself.¬†It’s a bottomless pit of mood¬†in Dude’s kitchen…haunted church organs, muddy bayou guitar, weeping violins¬†and his staple growl. ¬†But the cool is effortless. ¬†Album after album, King Dude ushers in the dark city streets and the seedy bars of America…smeared lipstick red, china white and, of course, the blues.

Fans of Chelsea Wolfe¬†(one of¬†King Dude’s favorite artists to duet with), Dirty Beaches, David Lynch and the lot…have yourselves a listen. ¬†It just may turn that smile upside down.

The Details

"At times I thought this record will kill me, writing it and recording it, I felt as though I was going insane. Now that it's done I am convinced not only will people love it, but that I have become stronger than my former self. For this divine work I am given, I am blessed." - King Dude

x 333 - Blood/Cream color-in-color
x 333 - Blood Red
x 333 - Cream
x 333 - Black

Price $20

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