Dark clouds are gathering and swirling above, a cold wind is blowing from the north and it hurts to breathe the air.  That could only mean one thing…King Dude is back.

King Dude channels the dim lit séance of Nick Cave, reaching into the depths of his gut to emit a croon so low and brooding, you’d think you were listening to the fallen one himself. It’s a bottomless pit of mood in Dude’s kitchen…haunted church organs, muddy bayou guitar, weeping violins and his staple growl.  But the cool is effortless.  Album after album, King Dude ushers in the dark city streets and the seedy bars of America…smeared lipstick red, china white and, of course, the blues.

Fans of Chelsea Wolfe (one of King Dude’s favorite artists to duet with), Dirty Beaches, David Lynch and the lot…have yourselves a listen.  It just may turn that smile upside down.

The Details

"At times I thought this record will kill me, writing it and recording it, I felt as though I was going insane. Now that it's done I am convinced not only will people love it, but that I have become stronger than my former self. For this divine work I am given, I am blessed." - King Dude

x 333 - Blood/Cream color-in-color
x 333 - Blood Red
x 333 - Cream
x 333 - Black

Price $20

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