If you’re not familiar with Kim Deal herself, she was/is the bassist and backup vocalist in Pixies and rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist in The Breeders. This 7″ is part of a solo series she appears to be embarking on, and the first one slipped out of Sly’s hands I suppose (which released back in January). Michael Nelson over at Stereogum offers a pretty good summary of the A-Side of the track (which I’ve copied in to the Details section below), which is available to stream via the YouTube video I’ve linked below which has an oddly surreal older picture of Deal on TV. When you click the Buy Now link, the 7″ will be on the left. It is $12 shipped for us in the US, and it’s $21 shipped international. See what you think of “Hot Shot” and Nelson’s analysis – I think he might be right. Cheers!

The Details

"The first 7″ from Kim Deal’s single series, “Walking With A Killer”/“Dirty Hessians,” was released in January and sold out of its limited run (1,000 copies) almost instantly. Now, she’s released sides 3 and 4 of that series, “Hot Shot” b/w “Likkle More,” whose A-side is available for spinning below. “Hot Shot” has a stripped-down Breeders-y feel, with Deal’s voice bending over rigid instrumentation. I’m pretty sure she’s singing about killing someone with a poisoned spike of heroin. It’s pretty fucked-up stuff. But Deal makes it sound as sweet as a cold beer on an August afternoon." (via Stereogum)

Price $12

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