RIYL: sunny Golden State vibes

Label: Six Tonnes De Chair Records

Los Angeles songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kaz Mirblouk has been finessing his brand of shimmery, grimy indie rock as a solo artist for the past 3-4 years, but has recently added a full band behind him to elevate his sound to new heights.  Teaming up with French DIY label Six Tonnes de Chair Records, they’ve made a two-tracker showing off their eclectic tastes, Sidestep being a post-punk brooder and Paint Stains a slowed-down romp through Laurel Canyon saturated with lazy river harmonies.

Six Tonnes de Chair has committed 300 of these puppies to vinyl, 200 on black and 100 on clear wax.  These are shipping from France, so shipping will be a tad higher for all you statesiders.  If you’re looking for the gourmet treatment, though, Six Tonnes has got it in spades.  Looking forward to hearing the next full-length from Kaz soon!

The Details

Two variants available :
- Black vinyl with orange cover art limited to 200 copies
- Clear vinyl with dark pink cover art limited to 100 copies
And for the undecided ones, we even made a bundle including both versions with a cool price and cool shipping costs.
Last thing, when buying the 7'' (physical or digital) you'll get TWO never released versions of both songs as bonus tracks. Ain't that sweet ?

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Price $8.5

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