Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars have teamed up for a limited split release between Chicago’s Joie de Vivre and New Jersey’s Prawn. They really pulled out all the stops on this album, releasing a limited number of various colorways: 300 on “Dookie Brown” vinyl exclusive to CYLS, 300 on “Red(ish)” vinyl exclusive to TSR, and 400 on Silver vinyl to round out this first pressing.

The EP features 3 new tracks from Joie de Vivre, recorded and mixed by Mark Gustafson in Rockford, IL at MIA Studios, and 2 new tracks from Prawn, which were recorded at their home studio in Ridgewood, NJ and mastered by Dave Downham (Up, Up, Down, Down & Into It. Over It.) from Gradwell House. Fans of solid emo influenced indie rock will be excited for such a fantastic bang for your buck on this one, without a doubt.

The Details

Joie de Vivre & Prawn - Split 7"


The legendary and elusive Joie De Vivre and Prawn split that you may or may have not heard about for years! Now real! Three songs from emo-sluggers Joie De Vivre and two bangers from Prawn.

Track List:
A1. Joie De Vivre - Martin Park
A2. Joie De Vivre - Tenstopet
A3. Joie De Vivre - Good Morning Mr. Franklin
B1. Prawn - Why You Always Leave a Note
B2. Prawn - Fracture

Available in Silver and CYLS EXCLUSIVE Dookie Brown. Comes with download code. Head over to Topshelf for the Topshelf exclusive Red(ish).

Pressing Info:
300 Dookie Brown (CYLS Exclusive)
300 Red(ish) (TSR Exclusive)
400 Silver

Price $6

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